[ About Us ]

Who are we?

InsideLimits, Lda it's a young company which grows from the joint of persons with more than one decade of expeience in the industrial test environment.
We had developed solutions that are now implemented in the current fixtures, some of that solutions become now standard's and references for other fixtures manufactures.

What we do?

Our core business is Test Solutions. By Test Solutions, we mean the complete service from project analysis until the fixture and test programs are in production stage. Some solutions like:
-ICT and FCT Test Fixtures,
-Flash Programmimg,
-FrameScan / TestJet,
-ICT Test Programs,
-Functional Tests,
-Boundary Scan,
-LED Testing

Why choose us?

InsideLimits team has many knowledge that has been incremented and improved during the last years working with many clients.
These experience make us very familiar with the production processes and its necessities.

[ Services ]

All projects could be customized according the customers requirements and by specifications of each product. The customer "guide-lines" are also taken in consideration during the project development.

Technical support to DFT's

We give tech support during DFT (Design for test) in order to improve the test quality/coverage.

Design and Production for Test Fixtures

The test fixtures are designed and mounted at our facilities with support of the engineer responsible for the project. This guarantee the quality and the execution time. We also build fixtures to other systems like SPEA, DigitalTest, Teradyne and other vendors.

Specialists for ICT test program

Our team have training and experience to develop optimized test programs for TRI, Checksum and Goepel systems.