INSIDELIMITS is a company whose growth is made by a group of people with more than a decade of experience and know-how in the environmental testing industry.

Those responsible for the Electronics and Mechanics departments developed solutions that are now implemented in the current configurations, some of which now become standard solutions and are references for other manufacturers of needle beds.

Thus, during the development of the project we take into account all the guidelines indicated by the Client.

At Fixtures we apply parts designed and built specifically to work with electronic products and we select the best materials and components in order to guarantee products of high quality and performance.


Ensuring excellence in the execution, implementation and assistance of Test Solutions, maximizing value for our customers.

Present and implement the best solutions in each client to be recognized in the market as the best strategic partner for testing solutions.

Values ​​
Competence and rigor - Our team is made up of experienced professionals with a high know-how in the field.
Efficiency - Using the best professionals, we guarantee quality and execution time.
Compromiso - In all phases of the project we take into account all the guidelines indicated by the Client, ensuring the effectiveness of the projects.
Qualidade - We work with the best materials and equipment on the market, thus guaranteeing the quality of our projects.


Elon Musk


We are experts in creating Test Solutions .

We execute and guarantee the monitoring of all phases of the project, from the analysis, until the testing programs and tests are in the production phase.

The test tools are developed according to the requirements of the client and the project. Here are some of the solutions:
- ICT and FCT Fixture Testing
- Flash Programming
- FrameScan / TestJet
- ICT test programs
- Functional Tests
- Boundary Scan
- LED test


- Experienced team with high know-how
- Proven experience in numerous projects
- Motivation and focus on customer needs
- Respect for the rules indicated by the Client
- High focus on the specifications of each project
- Implementation of the best and most effective solutions
- Efficiency and development capacity of Software and Hardware for new projects
- On-site technical assistance ( Portugal Continental)



DFT`S Technical Support

We provide support during the DFT - Design For Testing phase, in order to optimize the quality / coverage of the product test.


Design and Production of Test Tools

The test tools (needle beds) are designed and assembled in our facilities with the support of the Engineer responsible for the project, thus guaranteeing quality and execution time. In addition to Checksum and TRI , we also build fixtures for other systems like SPEA , DigitalTest , Teradyne and other suppliers.


Experts in ICT Test Programs

Our team has know-how and proven experience in developing test programs optimized for TRI , Checksum and Goepel systems.
All projects can be customized according to the customer's requirements and the specifications of each product.